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Ascendum is professional, flexible and responsive.

For more than 65 years, Ascendum Machinery has offered our customers in the construction industry consistent, responsive, high-value service for all makes and models of heavy construction equipment. That’s why they come to us again and again with their repair, training, and customization needs.  From timely, expert repairs by our trained technicians to our extensive parts program, we do everything we can to keep your business up and running. Because we know that uptime matters.


We are a dynamic team of professionals, with a tried and tested network of 14 branches across five states. Our warehouses are fully equipped with state of the art technology, stocked with 16 million parts and staffed by over 125 skilled mechanics and technicians. We offer services for a wide range of heavy equipment brands like Volvo CE, Sennebogen, Sandvik, Gradual, Bergmann, Bobcat Portable Power and more.

TOP Service Network

At Ascendum Machinery, we invest in our technicians because we understand that’s what sets us apart for our customers. We have a highly-trained staff of over 125 in-house technicians and over 100 field service trucks. Each member of our service team is equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and technical tools to diagnose problems, make repairs, and offer solutions.

Flexible Repair Solutions

Count on our staff’s decades of experience and modern facilities to deliver the best results. From complex engine and gearbox repairs to axle replacements and part fabrication, our team of specialty technicians can handle your most specialized business needs. Most of the time, we can save you from having to replace entire parts by offering individual repair solutions.


Our strength? Service!

In line with our corporate values, we are ambitious, reliable and above all client-centric. As a premium service provider for construction equipment, our clients come first.

Servicing & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance plans ensures your fleet runs efficiently and protects your investment. Our service plans are made to fit your schedule, budget, and save you money and frustration. Additionally, preventative maintenance increases equipment life and value while meeting environmental compliance and warranty assurance standards.

Special Setups and Solutions

We know different jobs require different attachments, at our repair shops, we’re equipped to take care of your special equipment setups and solutions. You can equip your machine with attachments, changes to buckets and scoops.


Has the equipment stopped? Is nothing working? In most cases, we can get to you within 2 hours. Our construction equipment technicians will get to the bottom of the problem and do everything possible to get your equipment back in operation as quickly as possible.

Uptime Services

Keep your machine and business up and running with Volvo Uptime Services. Proven to cut repair costs and unplanned downtime. Using innovative technology to monitor your machine, diagnose problems early and proactively take corrective actions towards a sustainable resolution.

Reman and Rebuild Services

Give your hardworking Volvo the makeover it deserves – from remanufactured products to an entire machine overhaul. We offer a range of flexible and sustainable packages that are tailor-made to suit your needs and budget. Volvo brings your equipment back to its best – optimizing the long-term value of your investment and total cost of ownership.

Technology Support

Our fleet technology will help you streamline your operations, track equipment health, improve productivity and monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world.  If a machine requires attention, the Uptime Center communicates with us so we can respond quickly. You’ll receive a monthly fleet utilization report to identify areas to improve worksite efficiency, avoid unplanned downtime, and catch problems before they occur.


Maintenance, repairs, safety tests at reasonable fixed costs

With our Customer Support Agreements, you can mine quarries and build roads with maximum uptime, expert knowledge and enhanced productivity. You can also have an impact on infrastructure in towns, cities and countries anywhere in the world. With our full support, we will customize an agreement that best fits your needs, and provide you full time access to one of our highly trained technicians.

Blue Customer Support Agreement:

Be on the safe side with a BLUE service agreement! The cover means that your equipment will always enjoy optimal maintenance. This enables you to improve the resale value of your equipment and even detect problems early, before unplanned downtimes occur.

BLUE service agreements can also be individually customized. Ask our sales representatives for detailed information.

Our sales team is happy to advise.

BLUE service agreement


  • Maintenance materials such as filters, gaskets etc.
  • Annual inspection in compliance with § 8 of the ordinance on work equipment and tools
  • Manufacturer’s telematics system
  • Working time during business hours, additional costs as well as travel to and from the site

Key Benefits of Customer Support Agreements Include:

Dealer Relationship & Partnership

CSA’s strengthen the relationship between dealer and customer, allowing the dealer technician to make sure your machine is up and running its best.

Focus on Your Core Business

Customer Support Agreements can help you to focus on the most important part of your business with complete peace of mind.

Cost Control

An agreed price per hour helps you plan your operations, reduce your risk and make you more competitive in bidding for contracts.

Maximize Uptime Potential

The Volvo Service Program is a set of specific actions and checks that are performed by trained Volvo Service Technicians on your machine.


Oil analysis is a very effective way to detect potential problems with your equipment.

Oil analysis can be used very effectively for engines, axles, gearboxes, transfer cases and hydraulic systems; the same processes also work for coolant and fuel. In response to the diagnosis, you can plan small repair work on the machine, rather than risking an unplanned larger repair at a later date.


The required samples are taken and sent a special Volvo laboratory.


Our specialists analyse the samples and collect a wealth of information from which they can draw conclusions about the condition of your machine.


You are immediately provided with a detailed diagnosis. You receive action recommendations together with the diagnosis.

Volvo Simulators: Manage Skills, Monitor Progress

Whether you need to hire, train or evaluate, with a Volvo Simulator you can do it all, and without needing to take a machine out of production. Our simulators look and behave just like real machines, combined with advanced features to support evaluation and development. By working with the very best tools, instructors are better equipped to help operators meet the high demands placed on them in today’s construction industry. Visit our Charlotte branch to test drive one today!

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