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Ascendum Machinery and Asphalt Paving of Shelby Embrace the Blaw Knox 7110C Paver Tractor

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Customer Experience at Its Finest:

Ascendum Machinery and Asphalt Paving of Shelby Embrace the Blaw Knox 7110C Paver Tractor

Asphalt paving is a vital part of the construction industry, and the right equipment is crucial to achieving quality results. Recently, Ascendum Machinery had the opportunity to showcase their latest addition to their lineup, the Blaw Knox 7110C paver tractor. This is the newest version of the popular 7110 series, and it features a Cummins engine to power the tractor.

Don Dedmon Sr. and Jr., who are customers of Ascendum Machinery and currently use a Volvo 7110B paver, were willing to test out the new C model for the company. They are currently paving HWY 74 in the Shelby/Kings Mountain area and were the perfect candidates to try out the new machine. Ray Burn from Blaw Knox was also on-site to help with the setup and answer any questions that the Dedmon’s had.

The Blaw Knox 7110C paver tractor is an impressive piece of equipment that boasts advanced features that make it easier to operate and maintain, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Its Cummins engine provides a smooth and powerful performance, making it an excellent choice for any asphalt paving job. Furthermore, the 7110C paver tractor has improved fuel efficiency, which is an essential consideration for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.

The collaboration between Ascendum Machinery and Asphalt Paving of Shelby is a great example of how companies can work together to achieve their goals and improve their customer experience. Ascendum Machinery is committed to providing their clients with the best possible equipment and service, and the Blaw Knox 7110C paver tractor is a testament to that commitment. The company is hoping to continue their relationship with Asphalt paving of Shelby in the future and upgrade their current 7110B to the new 7110C paver. This partnership is a significant milestone for both companies, and it highlights their commitment to providing quality equipment and exceptional customer service to their clients.


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