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ADT Scrapers

Convert your Articulated Dump Truck into a complete earthmoving machine.

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K Tec 1228 ADT

1228 ADT

28 Cubic Yards
68.000 lbs max. load
34 sh tn

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K Tec 1237 ADT

1237 ADT

37 Cubic Yards
88.000 lbs max. load
44 sh tn

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K Tec 1243

1243 ADT

43 Cubic Yards
103.200 lbs max. load
51.6 shtn

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K Tec 1263 ADT

1263 ADT

63 Cubic Yards
151.200 lbs max. load
75.6 sh tn

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K-Tec Direct Mount Scrapers

Maximize your tractor’s earthmoving potential with K-Tec Direct Mount scrapers. K-Tec uses Hardox steel with unsurpassed wear resistance and a stronger, lighter scraper, allowing for hauling more material and to excel in a variety of materials.

More information about EWR130