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Crawler Excavators

Our crawler excavator is the ultimate digging tool, designed to deliver long lasting performance, strength, power and leading fuel efficiency. Reach new levels of efficiency, as you can depend on the machine for quarrying, mining, road building, civil engineering, general construction and more. Choose your bucket or a range of other Volvo attachments and go to work.

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Eng. Power –  121(hp)
Op Weight – 28,880-35,620(lbs)
Bucket – .33-1.01(yd³)
Trans. Width – 8’6″(ft./in.)

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ECR145E Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  121(hp)
Op Weight – 31,770-36,790 (lbs)
Bucket – .33-1.07(yd³)
Trans. Width – 8’10”(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  148(hp)
Op Weight – 36,266-45,592 (lbs)
Bucket – .39-1.26(yd³)
Trans. Width – 9’2”(ft./in.)

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Ec200e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  154(hp)
Op Weight – 44,974-54,388 (lbs)
Bucket – .36-1.44(yd³)
Trans. Width – 9’10”(ft./in.)

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Crawler Excavator Ec220e


Eng. Power –  173(hp)
Op Weight – 44,974-54,388 (lbs)
Bucket – .36-1.44(yd³)
Trans. Width – 9’10”(ft./in.)

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Crawler Excavator Ecr235e


Eng. Power –  173(hp)
Op Weight – 52,250-61,440 (lbs)
Bucket – .47-1.88(yd³)
Trans. Width – 10’2”(ft./in.)

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Ec250e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  225(hp)
Op Weight – 57,342-69,776 (lbs)
Bucket – .73-2.3(yd³)
Trans. Width – 10’6”(ft./in.)

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Ec300e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  253(hp)
Op Weight – 66,602-81,240 (lbs)
Bucket – .68-2.69(yd³)
Trans. Width – 10’6”(ft./in.)

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Ec350e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  303(hp)
Op Weight – 78,940-92,760 (lbs)
Bucket – 1.1-2.5(yd³)
Trans. Width – 11’1”(ft./in.)

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Ecr355e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power – 241(hp)
Op Weight – 75,200-83,800 (lbs)
Bucket – 1.24-2.69(yd³)
Trans. Width – 11’6”(ft./in.)

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Ec380ecrawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  303(hp)
Op Weight – 83,330-94,800 (lbs)
Bucket – 1.09-3.31(yd³)
Trans. Width – 11’7”(ft./in.)

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Ec480e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  373(hp)
Op Weight – 100,310-117,510 (lbs)
Bucket – 2.03-4.32(yd³)
Trans. Width – 11’11”(ft./in.)

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EXC EC550 1 W LF


Eng. Power – 456(hp)
Op Weight – 120,000-124,100 (lbs)
Bucket – 3.14-6(yd³)
Trans. Width – 12’2”(ft./in.)

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Walkaround EC750E Left Front


Eng. Power –  516(hp)
Op Weight – 162,040 – 166,008 (lbs)
Bucket – 4.3-6.7(yd³)
Trans. Width – 14’9”(ft./in.)

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Ec480e Crawler Excavator


Eng. Power –  603(hp)
Op Weight – 201,227-209,020 (lbs)
Bucket – 5.1-10(yd³)
Trans. Width – 14’8”(ft./in.)

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The new 12-14 t mobile excavator sets new standards when it comes to agility and performance. With a tail swing radius of only 1,550 mm, the short-tail excavator is ideal for use on narrow streets or in landscaping work. The EWR130 is compact and impresses with a max. lifting capacity of 5,900kg.

Improved Productivity

Using CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can maximise your productivity in respect of fuel consumption, equipment use and reports on excessive idling.

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Our service network includes 14 branches across the Southeast and Midwest, we’ve invested in over 125+ highly-trained technicians and cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best range of service solutions. Can’t come to us? We also have over 100 field service trucks available to bring our expert service to you.

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Our sales representatives are among the top rated in the industry, and it’s easy to see why. Each Account Manager is a well-trained veteran, having worked with a wide range of customers to find the right fit in quality attachments and equipment for every project. Guarantee the success of your project by giving us a call today.  Click the button below to find your local contact.

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EC300 Hybrid

At engine level 5, the 30 t crawler excavator has a gross power output of 180 kW and employs the hydraulic hybrid technology from Volvo, which uses boom down motions to charge the accumulators. As a result, it has 20% better fuel efficiency with the same power and performance as you would expect from a conventional EC300E.