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Volvo CE

Wheel Loaders

From high-lift to compact wheel loaders: we offer a broad range. Robust Volvo wheel loaders can be used in structural engineering, earthworks or landscaping work and in waste processing or recycling.

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Eng. Power –  164(hp)
Op Weight – 24,251-29,983(lbs)
Bucket – 2.1-6.5(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 16,530(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 7’9″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  170(hp)
Op Weight – 27,556-34,172(lbs)
Bucket – 2.4-8.4(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 18,680(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 8’1″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  184(hp)
Op Weight – 31,968-38,149(lbs)
Bucket – 2.7-9.2(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 22,620(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  256(hp)
Op Weight – 39,680-45,635(lbs)
Bucket – 3.2-12.4(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 26,470(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  272(hp)
Op Weight – 45,645-47,620(lbs)
Bucket – 3.4-12.4(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 28,000(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 8’8″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  295(hp)
Op Weight – 53,130-56,440(lbs)
Bucket – 4.4-18.3(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 35,210(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  330(hp)
Op Weight – 59,525-62,610(lbs)
Bucket – 4.8-20.9(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 41,580(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

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Volvo Find Wheel Loader L220h 1000x1000


Eng. Power –  367(hp)
Op Weight – 68,780-72,970(lbs)
Bucket – 5.6-20.9(yd^3)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 46,110(ft./in.)
Transport. Width – 10’3″(ft./in.)

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The new 12-14 t mobile excavator sets new standards when it comes to agility and performance. With a tail swing radius of only 1,550 mm, the short-tail excavator is ideal for use on narrow streets or in landscaping work. The EWR130 is compact and impresses with a max. lifting capacity of 5,900kg.

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Improved productivity

Using CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can maximise your productivity in respect of fuel consumption, equipment use and reports on excessive idling.

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More service

Our service network includes 6 branches across Austria, with workshops, rental stations, spare parts and over 60 mobile construction machinery technicians. Our highly trained technicians have the right parts on board and can carry out most maintenance and repair work on the spot, where you are.

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Our representatives are happy to advise and will find the right equpiment for you. Simply click on your location on the map to find your personal contact.

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EC300 Hybrid

At engine level 5, the 30 t crawler excavator has a gross power output of 180 kW and employs the hydraulic hybrid technology from Volvo, which uses boom down motions to charge the accumulators. As a result, it has 20% better fuel efficiency with the same power and performance as you would expect from a conventional EC300E.