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Telematics Systems

Improve your efficiency by using information that would otherwise remain hidden. Volvo CareTrack and Volvo Active Care provide the right data so that you can take a proactive approach.

Volvo Caretrack



CareTrack is Volvo’s answer to efficiency through digital working. This service is also the perfect tool for equipment owners to reduce fuel costs and improve performance. CareTrack allows you to maximise the availability of your equipment and manage maintenance schedules. You can therefore minimise downtimes.

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Active Care is the next level in Volvo telematics, with 24/7 data monitoring. It also provides you with weekly reports that are easy to understand. If the data indicate problems, then we contact you. We provide you with advice and tips, so that you can optimise fleet productivity.

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Ascendum provides you active care direct subscriptions for the term of any purchased extended warranty.

GPE machines receive Active Care Direct subscription to match the term of the extended warranty.

National Accounts contact your Volvo National Account representative.

Specialized Ascendum Telematics Reporting

  • -Preventative Maintenance Tracking
  • -Utilization Reports with Fuel Burn
  • -Excavator Machine Reports
  • -Lease Hours Management
  • -Complete Machine Health Reports

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