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How a Mid Size Excavator Grows Your Business

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How a Mid Size Excavator Can Improve Your Business

The equipment you choose to handle a job plays a pivotal role in whether the project will be completed successfully. A key factor when determining which machine is right for your business is adaptability. It’s nearly impossible to have a specific piece of equipment for each particular job you complete, so you need options that can handle a variety of different tasks and types of projects.

A mid size excavator is one solution. Balancing power and agility, these machines are highly adaptable and versatile. They are useful for everything from major infrastructure and construction jobs, to smaller scale landscaping and utility work. There are many ways a mid size excavator can help grow your business.

A variety of jobs with the same machine
Mid size excavators deliver exceptional versatility and are great options for both the single owner operator and large contractors running multiple crews, plus everything in between. The best part about these machines is that they straddle the line between larger and smaller excavators. They are more compact and maneuverable than full size models, but they have powerful breakout forces and lifting capabilities, and can use attachments that are larger than the ones compact models can handle.

Depending on the size of the specific machine, a mid size excavator can take on a huge range of projects:

  • Smaller scale –Digging residential foundations, excavating for swimming pools, repairing sewer systems, installing sewer and water laterals, and creating garden features
  • Medium scale –Commercial building foundations, site preparation, road widening projects, installing culverts, and developing parking lots
  • Large scale –Major infrastructure jobs like bridge, dam, and tunnel building and low rise demolition projects

Excellent maneuverability
The smaller design of mid size excavators compared to full size models makes them well suited for navigating through tighter spaces and more confined or crowded jobsites. This enhanced maneuverability translates into increased efficiency and reduced downtime, as operators can easily access hard to reach areas without compromising performance. The ability to work in smaller spaces opens up new possibilities for businesses, so they can take on projects that might be challenging for larger equipment.

Plus, their more compact size makes it easier to transport mid size excavators from one project to the next with a smaller truck and trailer than is required for full size machines.

Better fuel efficiency
Using a full size excavator on jobs that could be completed with a smaller machine wastes fuel and adds to your operating costs. Mid size excavators weigh less than large models, are powered by smaller engines, and have lower fuel consumption. If you can complete the job effectively and efficiently with a mid size option, you’ll reduce your costs and the carbon footprint of your business.

How to choose the right mid size excavator
Mid size excavators are unique and valuable, because they can seamlessly move from handling smaller jobs to bigger jobs. But there are a variety of different sizes and capabilities within the mid range. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your mid size excavator:

  • Lifting capacity and bucket size –If you’re using your excavator primarily to excavate dirt, then you want to make sure that you can move enough material with each cycle. For example, if you’re loading an articulated truck, it should take three to five bucket loads to fill the truck bed. If it takes more than five loads, you are wasting time and fuel and need a bigger bucket or machine.
  • Dig depth and reach –Jobs like foundation digging and utility installation will require different depths and reach. Plus, if your machine has less space to maneuver in a work area, then you may need greater reach to complete the task effectively. When choosing the right mid size excavator, make sure it can reach far and deep enough for the types of jobs you typically handle.
  • Hydraulics and attachment capabilities –Consider the type and number of different attachments you plan to use, as each may require different hydraulic flows — then ensure your excavator has the hydraulic capacity to power them all.

Grow your business with mid size excavators
Investing in a mid size excavator can offer significant economic advantages for businesses of all sizes. The versatile nature of these machines means they can be utilized across a spectrum of projects, providing a solid return on investment. If you have any questions about mid size excavators or which model is right for your business, contact our team today!