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Portable Power Generators


When your success hinges on up-time, get the most rugged, robust & easy-to-use generators on the market. With a full range of portable generators from 25-570 kVA and simple control panels, you can set it & forget it while you get the job done.

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Eng. Power –  33 (hp)
Prime Output – 25 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 63 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 25.9 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  48 (hp)
Prime Output – 39 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 64 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 44.9 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  59 (hp)
Prime Output – 48 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 64 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 37.2 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  85 (hp)
Prime Output – 70 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 64 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 25 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  153 (hp)
Prime Output – 125 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 68 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 24.5 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  185 (hp)
Prime Output – 154 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 69 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 20.1 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  219 (hp)
Prime Output – 181 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 69 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 24.4 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  282 (hp)
Prime Output – 236 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 69 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 24.4 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  393 (hp)
Prime Output – 334 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 76 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 24.1 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  475 (hp)
Prime Output – 402 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 76 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 20.2 (hr)

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Eng. Power –  680 (hp)
Prime Output – 570 kVA (20kW)
Sound Level – 75 (dB(A)
Runtime Full Load – 18.5 (hr)

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Model details: 25 kVA – 70 kVA


Get industry-leading technology and the features you need with our large portable generator lineup. Equipped with an extensive array of standard features plus customizable options, you’ll enjoy unmatched flexibility & versatility for every job.

  • EPA-certified for fuel efficiency
  • Reduced sound levels
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rugged enclosures, skids, and running gear
  • Accessible service points

Improved Productivity:25kVa – 70kVa


Bobcat Portable Power’s mobile generator product line from 25kVA to 70 kVA represent machines that are versatile, quiet and hardened to power everything from general tools at a construction site to oil field pumps and concerts. Our portable generators come equipped with an extensive list of standard features enhanced by several customizable options to give your unmatched flexibility and versatility–and optimum performance for any application, even in the toughest environments.

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We offer service for all makes and models of Bobcat equipment.  Our service network includes 14 branches across the Southeast and Midwest, we’ve invested in over 125+ highly-trained technicians and cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best range of service solutions. We offer guaranteed response times for customers on our service programs, and have service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Can’t come to us? We also have over 100 field service trucks available to bring our expert service to you.

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Our representatives are happy to advise and will find the right equpiment for you. Simply click on your location on the map to find your personal contact.

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