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Articulated Haulers

Purpose-Built Drivetrain Engineered To Maximize Performance. Learn More. We’ve Got the Right Machine and the Right Solution For Your Needs. Flexible Financing. Powerful & Efficient. Fuel Efficiency Guarantee. Built to Last.

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Eng. Power –  315(hp)
Capacity – 28(tons)
Weight empty – 49,494(lbs)
Trans. Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power –  355(hp)
Capacity – 32(tons)
Weight empty – 51,368(lbs)
Trans. Width – 9’8″(ft./in.)

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Volvo Find Articulated Hauler A35g T2 T3 T4f Sv 1000x1000


Eng. Power –  447(hp)
Capacity – 38(tons)
Weight empty – 63,824(lbs)
Trans. Width – 10’7″(ft./in.)

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Volvo Find Articulated Hauler A40g T2 T3 T4f Sv 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 469(hp)
Capacity – 43(tons)
Weight empty – 65,918(lbs)
Trans. Width – 11’3″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 469(hp)
Capacity – 45(tons)
Weight empty – 66,359(lbs)
Trans. Width – 11’3″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 469(hp)
Capacity – 45(tons)
Weight empty – 67,241(lbs)
Trans. Width – 11’3″(ft./in.)

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Volvo Find Articulated Hauler A45g T2 T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 630(hp)
Capacity – 61(tons)
Weight empty – 96,452(lbs)
Trans. Width – 13’1″(ft./in.)

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A60H: Profit in every load

Move more for less in the fuel-efficient Volvo A60H articulated hauler, featuring a highly-efficient engine and drive train designed to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. Boasting a 40% increase in payload, the A60H significantly lowers the cost-per-tonne ratio, helping you increase profitability and improve return on investment.

Improved productivity

Using CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can maximise your productivity in respect of fuel consumption, equipment use and reports on excessive idling.

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More service

We offer parts and service for all VCE equipment.  Our service network includes 14 branches across the Southeast and Midwest, we’ve invested in over 125+ highly-trained technicians and cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best range of service solutions. Can’t come to us? We also have over 100 field service trucks available to bring our expert service to you.

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Our representatives are happy to advise and will find the right equpiment for you. Simply click on your location on the map to find your personal contact.

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Volvo Articulated Haulers A60H – Basic operator training

This video explains how to operate a Volvo Articulated Hauler and how you can get to know your machine better. Among other things, the Volvo Articulated Hauler steering system, retardation systems and full suspension are described and shown.