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Compact Wheel Loaders

Volvo compact wheel loaders help reduce operating costs by keeping downtime to a minimum, with ground-level greasing points, best-in-class components and long service intervals.

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Volvo Compact Wheel Loader L20h T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 64.4(hp)
Op Weight – 9,877(lbs)
Bucket – .9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 6,614(lbs)

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Volvo Compact Wheel Loader L25h T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 64.4(hp)
Op Weight – 10,847(lbs)
Bucket – 1.1(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 7,496(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L30g T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 74(hp)
Op Weight – 12,125(lbs)
Bucket – 1.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 8,488(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L35g T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 74(hp)
Op Weight – 13,448(lbs)
Bucket – 1.6(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 9,590(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L45h T4f Walkaround 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 100.5(hp)
Op Weight – 19,114(lbs)
Bucket – 1.83(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 11,662(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L50h T4f Walkaround 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 116.7(hp)
Op Weight – 20,944(lbs)
Bucket – 2.1(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 12,676(lbs)

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Volvo days 2022: Compact wheel loader attachments

We have a wide range of attachments available for our compact wheel loaders. In this session we take a look at the winter kit. We also present a new attachment offer: bucket with hook, hydraulic fork, waste bucket, material handling arm and more.

Improved Productivity

Using CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can maximise your productivity in respect of fuel consumption, equipment use and reports on excessive idling.

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More Service

At Ascendum Machinery, we invest in our technicians because we understand that’s what sets us apart for our customers. We have a highly-trained staff of over 125 in-house technicians and over 100 field service trucks. Each member of our service team is equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and technical tools to diagnose problems, make repairs, and offer solutions.

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We are here to make buying construction equipment easy for all.  Guarantee the success of your project by giving us a call today.  Click the button below to find your local contact.

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The upgraded Volvo L25 Electric

Watch and discover the key features and benefits of the upgraded Volvo L25 Electric – The compact electric wheel loader is now being upgraded to ensure even greater uptime and versatility on the job site. The time it takes to achieve a full charge from zero is now halved to only six hours with the improved 6kW on-board charger – if used with a 400V 16A CEE socket or public charging station.