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Large Wheel Loaders

From high-lift to compact wheel loaders: we offer a broad range. Robust Volvo wheel loaders can be used in structural engineering, earthworks or landscaping work and in waste processing or recycling.

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Eng. Power – 164(hp)
Op Weight – 24,251-29,983(lbs)
Bucket – 2.1-6.5(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 16,530(lbs)
Transport Width – 7’9″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 170(hp)
Op Weight – 27,556-34,172(lbs)
Bucket – 2.4-8.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 18,680(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’1″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 184(hp)
Op Weight – 31,968-38,140(lbs)
Bucket – 2.7-9.2(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 22,620(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 256(hp)
Op Weight – 39,680-45,635(lbs)
Bucket – 3.2-12.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 26,470(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 272(hp)
Op Weight – 45,645-47,620(lbs)
Bucket – 3.4-12.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 28,000(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’8″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 295(hp)
Op Weight – 53,130-56,440(lbs)
Bucket – 4.4-18.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 35,210(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 330(hp)
Op Weight – 59,525-62,610(lbs)
Bucket – 4.8-20.9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 41,580(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 367(hp)
Op Weight – 68,780-72,970(lbs)
Bucket – 5.6-20.9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 46,110(lbs)
Transport Width – 10’3″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 416(hp)
Op Weight – 74,957-85,980(lbs)
Bucket – 6.9-13.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 56,990(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’2″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 532(hp)
Op Weight – 110,231-123,459(lbs)
Bucket – 8.1-16.6(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 76,677(lbs)
Transport Width – 11’9″(ft./in.)

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Volvo TV: Bucket handling – Volvo Wheel Loaders H-series

With the right operating technique and correct bucket you can keep the costs of fuel and tires down while maintaining high production. This video describes the most important things to consider for more effective and safer work with your Volvo Wheel Loader.

Improved Productivity

Using CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can maximise your productivity in respect of fuel consumption, equipment use and reports on excessive idling.

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Volvo Wheel Loaders L60H, L70H, L90H: Discovering machine features

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